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Subway Surfers for PC : Friends, as I promised that I will come up with solid guide on how to easily free download Subway Surfers for PC or Computer system so that you can also enjoy this awesome game on your computer systems like Windows 7, Windows 8 as well as XP OS. You might be wondering that there are many guides available on internet for the same and why you should read this guide on the same topic?

Then here is the reason for that, though there are guides available on internet to play Subway Surfers on PC or Windows OS but they are not the details one and users and readers gets confused that how to really play this awesome game in computer. So keep all your worries aside as this guide will surely work for you as its my own researched guide to be implemented directly step by step.

Click here to download the game for Android here

Subway Surfers for PC

How to Really Play Subway Surfers on PC?

I think you are the one who searched the whole web to know that how to really play Subway Surfers on Computer? right? then guys I want to confess here that this awesome Mobile game in not officially available for computer but with the help of some other tools you will be able to download Subway Surfers for PC free and really easily without any issue!

So what is the actual catch behind playing it on the computer system so easily?

Then let me finally reveal that today on this platform I am going to reveal one of the really awesome software namely Bluestacks, now you might be wondering that whats exactly this Bluestacks is? isn’t it?

Subway Surfers for Computer

What is Bluestacks?

Simple and short, this software is really necessary and required to play and download Subway Surfers for PC or Computer. Why? keep on reading to know that thing.

Buestacks is actually Android Emulator, those are the software with the help of which one can easily download and play any Android Game in computer system without any issue now you might be wondering that it must be really costly software, isnt’t it? No all my dear friends this software is not at all costly. Its infact free, yes totally free, you don’t have to really pay anything to use this awesome software.

So today we are going to install this software on our computer system and then with the help of which we will be able to play Subway Surfers for Computer (Windows 7/8/XP)

Download Subway Surfers for Computer

Download Subway Surfers for PC Free

Now enough of guide I gave to you, its time to finally tell that how to really free download Subway Surfers on PC with the help of computer. So keep on reading to know that.

Below I have given the complete guide with step by step tutorial and I hope that you will follow each and every step which is given in this below given tutorial.

  1. First of all, you need to download Bluestacks on your computer system.
  2. After downloading the software you need to install it successfully
  3. Now you will find that one shortcut icon is created on desktop
  4. Click on that and you will find that the software is loaded up
  5. Click on Search icon and type “Subway Surfers”
  6. Now download and install Subway Surfers for PC
  7. That’s it, it was really a easy and super cool tutorial to follow.

Method No. 2 to Download Subway Surfers for Computer

So the above mentioned method was one of the which with the help of which you will be able to download Subway Surfers on your Computer system like Windows 7/8/XP as well as Mac OS X. Also the above mentioned method is already very much popular on web but I too have another method which again requires bluestacks. Keep on reading to know more.

  1. The very first step is only to download Bluestacks, I have given the link above.
  2. Now download Subway Surfers apk file which is given here.
  3. After downloading that apk file you need to click on it
  4. Now Bluestacks will become active and will download Subway Surfers for PC for you.

So that was again super easy to follow, now its up to you that which method you follow. But I personally think that both methods are easy to follow and manage to.

Subway Surfers on Computer

FAQ to play Subway Surfers on Windows :

Many people have simple doubts about playing Subway Surfers on PC or Computer and I have answered some of the questions below so have a look.

1. What you require to install Bluestacks.

So the basic need is to install this best android emulator because then only you will be able to install this android game into your computer system

And the below mentioned are some of the basic things which you need to take care of.

  • 2 GB RAM
  • Graphic Card
  • 200 MB free space at-least

So the above mentioned things are some of the basic things which you need to take care and understand.

2. If there any other way to download Subway Surfers for PC on Computer?

Yes same as Bluestacks there are many other software like Youwave and so, you can use those too, but the one which is mentioned here is the best software and you need to go with this only as its recommended.

3. If there is virus problem after installing this software?

No, its 100% tested and checked by our experts you don’t need to worry about it.

So friends, I hope you enjoyed this post and I want to tell you this thing only that in order to free download Subway Surfers for PC you need to follow each and every step which is mentioned in this above given tutorial.

And if you faced any issue while downloading Subway Surfers for Computer then please do comment and let us know about it, we are always here to help you guys.

So finally enjoy playing Subway Surfers for PC and please keep visiting this blog and I will be really very much happy to see you guys out here. So take care and enjoy!


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